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on November 7, 2013


See if you can see me up on the coconut tree. The little house you see is called a Kobu.


Today Dad came home and we have already hired a car. It’s a really cool seven seater. I love it. I chose the relaxing seat. Cohen sits in the back and Tahina sits next to me but there is a surfboard between so we don’t fight but I’m sure we’ll find a way to fight! I can’t wait to go driving around Taiwan like we did driving around the Luzon, Philippines. The most fun and scariest part was driving through Baler. Dad said if you could drive around Baler, you could drive anywhere. There was uneven roads next to big deep holes. Baler was fun but that wasn’t my favourite trip. 

My favourite trip so far was when we went to Siargao. We stayed in a resort and played with the local kids. We met two people from Australia and one person from England. The Australian kids were Lily and Andre and the kid from England was called Tamoka. The resort called Sagana was right on the beach so we all used to go down to the beach and play fight with the local kids. They would hide behind the bushes and tackle us. They would also sing to us when we were up in the Kobu. A kobu is a tower where you looked down at the beach. We used to build cubby houses there. It was fun. I learnt how to climb coconut trees too but it was a waste of time because the only coconut tree I knew how to climb didn’t have coconuts on it! Luckily one of the local kids called Charlie climbed a coconut tree and got a coconut for me. I miss Siargao. 


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  1. Merryn Sloan says:

    Hi Kalani Its me Merryn how did you get all the way up in that coconut tree. And I like that little kobu have you had a very good holiday so far. Bye Kalani send pack soon.

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