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on November 6, 2013


Yesterday we took a bus to Taoyuan station. I helped mum pay because I know how to count and speak a little bit of Mandarin Chinese.  At Taoyuan station we took a train to Taipei Main Station and then we took another train to Taipei Zoo. On the train to Taipei Main Station we met a Taiwanese man. He was a really good drawer and he drew us two pictures of playful lion on a pumpkin.

We went on a Gondala which I was calling a “Dongalong”.  A gondala is like a carriage and its on a rope. We chose to go in a crystal carriage which means the floor is glass.  You can look down at the jungle, it was so green.

I liked going up the mountains. In between the rides there were stops and I said “ziajian” (that means  goodbye in Mandarin) but dad thought that I said “bye Jan” and he started to look for her name tag. When the door closed, Dad said “how did you know her name was jan?”. It was funny!.

When we finished the ride we only caught two trains because we needed to get dinner. We went into a department store and ate at a Japanese restaurant and ate sushi. The sushi was delicious. We caught a taxi back to our hotel and then we got in our pajamas and went to bed.  Traveling didn’t end for dad because he had to fly back to Manila to get his international licence so we can drive around Taiwan. I can’t wait to do it!



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