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Taiwan Day 1

on November 4, 2013


Yesterday we went to Taipei. We had to take 1 bus to the Taoyuan train station and then we got a train to Taipei Main Station and then we caught another train to Taipei City Hall.

We bought sushi and sat down on a bench and then we walked to Taipei 101. Taipei 101 has 101 floors and is in the Guinness World Records Book of having the fastest elevator. 37 seconds up in 89 floors!

It is the second tallest building in Asia and it is where they have the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Inside Taipei 101 there is a huge wind damper. It is the world’s biggest and heaviest wind damper. It is 5.5 metres in diameter and weighs 660 tons! Before Taipei was a city it was a lake.

We came back home the same way except instead of a bus we got a taxi because it was faster and we had walked all day!

When we got home, we put on our jumpers and took a little walk and ate dinner. After dinner we walked to 7-eleven and bought ice cream and m&m’s. We came home, had a shower, got in our pj’s and ate our ice cream.

My favourite part of the day was getting the bus because it was bumpy and fast.

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