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Customs card.

on November 3, 2013

IMG_0165me, filling in the customs card.


4 responses to “Customs card.

  1. Lynda Ison says:

    hi kalani its mama, lynda, sound like you having a wonderful time;.im glad that you learning how to speack your mother language;(tagalog) n’ Taiwan.be safe n’ well,make sure keep in touch w/ me n’ poppy through your e-mail.im happy to know what you up too!all the fun! you n’ your brother n’ sister did everyday.be good to u’r mum n’ dad.help her if you can!, if you don’t know how?,always ask her if she need a hand?she will love that! ingat!!!(means-be carefull)big hugs n’ kiss to you all,p.s,(don’t forget to pray n’ thanks “Papa-JESUS” for all your blessing n’ looking after you all while your away from us;love you all always,mama-lynda n’ poppy…

  2. Anna livermore says:

    We love your blog Special K

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