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on November 1, 2013

Ni hao! – that means Hello in Chinese.

Wo jiao Kalani. – that means My name is Kalani.

Yesterday mum bought me two books on language. One was Chinese the other was Tagalog. Tagalog is the name of one the language used in the Philippines.

Ako si Kalani means I am Kalani in Tagalog.

I am teaching myself how to speak Tagalog and Chinese.

I learnt how to say “goodnight”. In Chinese it’s “waan” I also learnt how to say yes, no, and ok. Yes is “shi” but you say “shur”. No is “bu shi” but you say “bu shur” and ok is hao but you say how.

Tigilan mo iyan means Stop It in Tagalog. I learnt how to say that so I can say it to my brother and sister!

I find Chinese easier than Tagalog maybe it’s because when I was back in Australia I took Chinese lessons. I miss Australia and all my friends. I had to move to the Philippines to travel Asia.

I like it here. We haven’t been to any different countries but soon we’re going to Taiwan and it’s going to be AWESOME!!!. I also can’t wait until Christmas because I think my best friend Evie is coming from Australia, she’s coming to Japan with us. Evie is from England we met in kindergarten and we’ve been in the same class since then: During year 1, year 2 and year 3. Year 3 is when I left. I can’t wait until she comes. Bye! 

ZiaJian / Pa alam!

(that’s bye in Chinese and Tagalog)



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