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Taiwan, Dad, Japan

We flew back to the Philippines from Taiwan at 3:00 AM in the morning. When we got off the plane I was very tired. We got back to our apartment and went straight to bed. I was still very tired. What I liked most about Taiwan, are the people. They are helpful and nice. The thing that I didn’t like was that the toilet was in the ground! It was annoying because you couldn’t pee properly and it smelt gross!

We spent the last few days with dad because he was going back to work. It was good because Tahina Cohen and I all got to have one on one time with dad. Tahina got a movie. I spent the whole morning with dad and we went to the coffee shop and shared a  salmon and cream cheese bagel, a chocolate caramel lava cake and a pink guava juice. Cohen went down to the gym and did boxing. When they finished boxing dad and Cohen went for a swim in the pool.

Oh and guess were I’m going to be at christmas? I’m going to be in……… JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!. I cant wait to go, it’s going to be AWESOME! We’re going to fly into Tokyo and then stay in one of the ski resorts. I want to ski and snowboard. I need to get my aunty to teach me Japanese because she lived in Japan for 10 years and speaks fluent Japanese. well good bye or Zai Jian (chinese), or paa lam (tagalog) or  sayonara (japanese)


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Taroko National Park


Yesterday we wanted to get to Taipei City. We are currently in Hualien. Taipei City is about 4 hours away.

Before our trip to Taipei City we went to Taroko Gorge. It’s a gigantic gorge with heaps of mountains. We drove up the mountains and I saw six animals on the way. I saw two dogs, one bird and my favourite one that I saw were three monkeys! They were a bit strange because they all had red faces. They were really wild. When we got to the top of the mountain we tried heaps of different foods such as mushroom chips, peach honey, dried peach and mushroom jerky. My favourite was the peach honey. It was so cold, it was 4 degrees! Mummy let us have a hot chocolate. When we finished our hot chocolate, we stayed for a little longer and played with a dog called Bibi. The owner of the dog showed me how to do a trick with him. He put out his hand out and said “gaish ta ko” which means give me your hand in Mandarin. So he put his paw in my hand and I shook it.

We stopped at the Mountaineering School. Dad taught us about how the different plates crash together to form lines in the mountains and he taught us that the layers of the earth are the core, the lower mantel, upper mantel and the crust. 

It was going to take 6 hours to drive all the way to Taipei City through the mountains. Daddy decided to turn around and go back down the mountain because not only was it going to take 6 hours, the roads were going to get narrower, it was broken and it was all through the mountain. 

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The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium


On Sunday morning we left our hotel and we started driving back to Taitung. 

On the  way to Taitung we stopped at an Aquarium, The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium. It was really cool and we saw heaps of different types of fish that I have never seen before. We watched the Beluga whale – it was so graceful. At first we thought it was a Dugong. 

I touched different types of sea creatures like a a star fish and it felt slimy and smooth,  a sea cucumber which was slimier than the starfish. I also touched a sea urchin. 

We even got to see an oyster farm. It was weird. They were hanging off pieces of string attached to bamboo.

There was one section where Daddy told us about how the rivers form. They formed by little drops of water running down the mountain and the ravines get deeper and deeper.

It was fun going there but the one thing that happened consistently was Tahina asking for food. Eventually we got ice cream and she was happy. 


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Full Moon Party


Last Saturday we went to a Full Moon Party. It was really cool. There was music and free bbq. Cohen discovered how to bbq and now for his birthday he wants a bbq. 

The Full Moon party was at Baisha Beach. When we didn’t have anything to do, we decided to play with Oishong, that’s the puppy dog’s name. His name in English is Black Bear. We played with Oishong for quite a while. He ran around and chased us and he would always go into the sand pit and jump around. He would run around the decking and we would try and catch him and then he would chase us. It was fun. 

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Baisha Beach


Yesterday we met Tiana at her school. To get to her school, we had to follow her mum, Denise to her school. Her school  is called “Baisha Bay”. It is a local school.

When we arrived Tiana was so exited she was jumping up and down and flicking her hair around and around, screaming she was so happy. She gave us a tour of the school and it was very hot. It’s a big school for only 80 students. In Tiana’s class there are only 11 kids. They do not have to wear a school uniform. I don’t why they don’t wear a school uniform. Maybe they don’t have enough money to sew the uniform for the kids? They don’t wear shoes in the class room. You have to take them off so you don’t dirty the floors. At lunch time instead of playing the kids and the teachers sleep!

Then the bell rang and Tiana told us that is the art class bell so Tiana had to go to class. I helped her finish her art work. It was a chinese puppet doll.

When she had finished we went to Baisha Bay beach and got ice cream. The beach was cold and deep. We played mermaids. After we swam we had dinner. Tiana and I shared pasta, Tahina and dad shared a hamburger , Cohen had nuggets and mum had nachos. After dinner Tiana and I did another episode of street food web show.

When we finished videoing,  I was thirsty so I bought some water and then I saw a tiny little cute doggie run up to me. It was adorable so we played with it for a while and then Tiana suggested that we do a dance routine. We jumped down off a tower and turned to the left then the right and did that five times. While we were doing that Tahina and Cohen did a cartwheel in between us  and then Tiana taught me how to do the best friend salsa dance but it looked more like a dance that a married couple would do. It was funny!. We had a great time Bye!.


The local school and the ghosts

Last night at dinner we went to a restaurant called Bossa Nova. At the restaurant I met a girl called Tiana. She was from Scotland. It was fun playing with her. We made a short film movie and a web show called Street Food. We walked up the street to 7 eleven and filmed there. We had 50nt so we all bought ourselves a mini little milk box, but of course Tahina wanted icecream.

When we first met and we were sitting down Tiana told me that a tradition is that you’re not allowed to go into the ocean in August because of the GhOsTs in the water. They believe that if you go into the water you will get pulled under by the ghosts.

Also because Tiana and I had such a good time she invited me to go to her school and give me a tour and then we would go down to her favourite beach and for dinner we would go to a resturaunt. Her school is really different to Australia because they start school at 8:30 and end at 4:00 but have to be there at 7:30 to clean the school. Oh and don’t worry Evie your still my BFF and I’m going to send you something when I go back to the Philippines. Hi again 3J. I have to go Bye!


Jet Ski


This is the float thing we were on, tied to the jet ski!

Yesterday we all got to get towed on the back of a jet ski and it was so fun. Mum kept on screaming like AAAAHHH AAAHH AAAHHH AHHH AAAH. Dad was worried that she was going to hyperventilate. I almost hyperventilated laughing. Mum even got the jet ski driver worried. He had to stop the jet ski twice to see if mum was ok. Tahina Cohen and I want to go on the jet ski again.

Tahina and I also went all the way out the back of the ocean and body surfed the huge waves. It was awesome. The best thing about Taiwan that I’ve seen so far is the beach; the water is so blue. Tahina is getting braver and braver in the ocean. Today the waves are a lot  smaller so it will be easier to body surf and dad even said he will take out his surf board so I can ride it. It’s going to be hard but I still can’t wait. Maybe they’ll get bigger throughout the day because that’s happened the last two days. The water here is almost as good as Berrara.

Berrara is a place that my grandpa owns back in Australia. It’s a caravan park and it’s really close to the beach. Berrara is one of my favourite places in Australia. It’s really fun there. I have met so many friends at Berrara. I love it there and we’re going to Berrara in February. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!(-:

BYE (-:

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Maybe Hong Kong




Today mum and dad decided that we might be going straight from Taiwan all the way to Hong Kong! We may be going to Hong Kong because we have already seen most of Taiwan. We can’t really fly back to the Philippines because of Typhoon Haiyan. I’ve been seeing so many different parts of Taiwan and I want to see so many different parts of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is going to be the 3rd country I’ve been to other than the Philippines. I wonder what country we’re going to after Hong Kong? Maybe Japan.

Oh and we didn’t get to go on a Jet ski yesterday but we will today I hope. Also we have extended our hotel room for 2 more nights to book our flight to Hong Kong and because the surf is really fun to body surf in and to boogey board. A man lent me his board to surf. I love the beach and the good thing is Tahina is starting to body surf big waves now. She used to be so scared and only stayed on the sand and jump over waves now she dives under big waves instead of letting them dump her and she body surfs the big waves instead of running away. The water is so nice even mum got in as well only because Cohen might have drowned. He kept on getting dumped right out the back. I tried to pull him in but he was too heavy so mum had to come in other wise she wouldn’t have. I’ve got to go.


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Yesterday we went body surfing at the beach. It was fun although I got thrown around in the waves a lot. It was so much fun. I went body surfing with dad and I caught very big waves. I even caught my first barrel and it was so cool. Also today dad said we can go on a Jet Ski. I can’t wait!. It won’t be as rough today dad said. so I’m looking forward to it.

Our resort is really cool because mum and dad sleep down stairs with their TV, mini fridge, Jacoozy, balcony, bathroom and double bed. We sleep up stairs with all that stuff and our resort is really close to the beach. I love travelling around Taiwan.

I’ve noticed that every hotel and resort gives you free breakfast. For breakfast today I had pancakes,bacon and egg, 1 slice of a apple, orange juice and some corn soup. That’s probably the biggest breakfast I’ve ever had. When I have my break today I’m going to go for a swim and I can’t wait. (I can’t wait for a lot of things). Also today dad is going to teach me how to surf on his old short board. It’s going to be hard because I’ve only ever surfed on a long board. I can’t wait!. Oh and I just want to say hi to all of my friends in Australia, Philippines and America HHHHHHHHIIIIIIII! 


Driving around Taiwan


For the last two days we have been driving around Taiwan. Our first stop was at Hualien, 4 hours East of Taoyuan. The view of the mountains, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean were amazing. It was the best view I have ever seen.

The hotel that we stayed at was really nice. However, before we checked in, first we went to a chicken shop for dinner. Dad just ticked any box on the menu card and they came back with a whole chicken. That means chicken feet, head and neck! Mum was grossed out so I got the chicken legs and scratched dad’s back with it and pretended to kiss the chicken!

We went back to our hotel and went on the balcony. At first we didn’t notice but there were mountains right in front of us. It was amazing but then it was bed time.

When it was morning we had our free Chinese food breakfast. They gave us eggs, ham, beans, carrots and watered down rice.  After breakfast we went into the garden and in the garden were llamas. Mum and dad went up to our room to pack while Tahina Cohen and I played with the llamas. Then mum came down and said it’s time to go. So we got into our rental car. Dad told me to remember all the information about the car and I do, it was: It only takes gas, Only go in the yellow lane, Highest speed is 100 kilometres and lowest speed is 60 kilometres.

Today we made our way down to Taitung, another 4 hours drive. Today we did something really special. We stopped at Tropic of Cancer Mark. It’s an imaginary line that goes around the earth. We ate mango ice cream. We stopped at 3 different beaches. On the very last one we built a little hut, a fake fire and a hammer. Tonight we are staying at Apple Hotel.

well goodnight.

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