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on October 31, 2013

Hi! You know how I said yesterday that I was going to Marikina?. Well I did and I went to see my Uncle Jal and Uncle Jal had a baby called Tala. She is just 1 week old. But guess what? I’m the God Mother of Tala!!! It sounds strange because I’m only 8 years old but I’m a God Mother! That means I have to take care of her, guide her to be & do good and be a role model. Mum thinks she should be the God Mother because Tala was born on mums birthday, October 22. Uncle Jal and his mum and dad was going to have dinner with us for Mum’s birthday but they couldn’t come because Tala was being born.

Tala is so cute even though Cohen, my brother doesn’t like her.  He thinks that baby’s are boring. I don’t know why? He just does – he thinks everything is boring. He even says to mums friends “come on your wasting my time” or “your boring”. He’s a bit rude sometimes. But he’s really nice too. Tala has a really cute nose and makes a funny noise.  

Dads home and we’re going to Taiwan in a couple of days and I can’t wait! In Taiwan we’re going to hire a camper van and drive around the country. 

Oh and for the first time dad is coming to watch me and Tahina do gymnastics. I can do a front handspring, a cartwheel on a high beam and a roly poly on a high beam too. In Taiwan we’re going to hire a camper van and drive around I can’t wait.  


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