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Halloween Party

on October 29, 2013

On the weekend my building had a halloween party which was great fun. First we all got in and sat down then the games began. The first game was called “Dead Mans Treasure.” We had to bring to the host a list of items for example a handkerchief or a pumpkin hat. I won the first round and my prize was toblerone  chocolate. The next game was musical statues but I wasn’t very good at that and my brother and I were the first to be eliminated. After that there was an amazing magic show. It was so cool the magician made a scarf turn into a umbrella and made doves appear!

After the  magic show, we ate lunch of fried chicken, spaghetti and a cornetto. It was delicious!

After lunch, we saw a Bubble Show.  All the kids got to go inside a giant bubble!

Next they awarded best costume. They chose seven people to go up on stage. They chose my sister who dressed up as Queen of the Nile, my brother who dressed up as Darth Vader, myself dressed up as a witch and four other kids.

They awarded two major prizes. One was given to a  pumpkin baby who was given a soft toy and 1st prize went to me! I got a huge bowl of lollies and a tin of choco wafer sticks.

After the award everybody went trick or treating. We knocked on 12 doors one of them was our door. When it finished Tahina Cohen and I had a whole heap of lollies but mum said only 1 lollie a day that means they’ll last for ever.Image 



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